Why Playway?

Playway is sensitive to every need of the child. Thus, the teaching methodology is simple and full of fun, making it more effective and easy to retain. Every child is different and is given personal attention in order to understand his/her individual needs and requirements.

Interactive games and a comfortable atmosphere make the child forget their inhibition and participate in all activities, making them more confident and independent.

Our Playway kits are especially designed to motivate aspects of changes in their I Q. and

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Language, literacy and communication.
  • Mathematical development
  • Physical development
  • Creative development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the surroundings.

Activities and Celebrations

The school provides latest teaching aids and a framework as a guide to give each child the best possible start to become a competent learner and skilful communicator. All learning is through playway methods.The classrooms are fully equipped with indoor activities. Also nutritious mid day meal is provided to the children.

  • The school has spacious airy class rooms, lush green garden, splash pool, swings, ball pools, slides, basket ball rings, balancing beams, jungle jims, and tunnel which are important for physical development of the child.
  • To get acquainted with Indian tradition all festivals are celebrated with full enthusiasm.
  • We organise "Sports Day" every year to inculcate in them the sportsman spirit and preparations for the same make the children physically more active.
  • Our "Annual Day" is a great attraction. All the children participate in abovementioned programmes. Their performances in songs, skits, poems and plays on the stage is always appreciated by the parents.
  • The children visit to Post Office, Police station, Gardens, Fire Station. The school also takes them for the nature walks and to the picnics.
  • We also organise orientation programmes for the parents of new children admitted to school. During this session they are familiarized with our daily activities, our curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Interview based workshop are organized to make the parents aware of the interview pattern in various school and their registration dates. Mock interviews are also held to judge children by the teachers which give them the necessary practice and confidence to adjust in the environment of the regular schools.
  • Parents Teachers meetings are organized from time to time to keep the parents informed about the progress of the child. Individual problems of the parents are also discussed and dealt with by our staff.